About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as manufacturers and suppliers of various PRECISION SPARE PARTS and other items as required for different industries including RICE, PULSE, FLOUR, OIL, SUGAR, GLASS CERAMIC, MINERAL, CHEMICALS, CRUSHER, CEMENT FERTILISER, TEXTILE PULVERISER PLASTIC ETC.

We supply best quality materials to the entire satisfaction of our clients and we guarantee all supplies with best workmanship.We enumerate few items which we can supply from our READY STOCK or as per your specification requirements.

CHAINS S. S. 304-316 Imported and Indian Transmission ROLLER CHAINS as per B.S.S. & A.S.A. specification, Diamond / Rolon / Rollkobo As per ISO 9002 Imported make. 3/8" Pitch Sx, Dx, Trx P.I.V., Leaf, Salient, Double pin Roller, Single Strand Roller, Mailable Iron Elevator & Conveyor Chain equivalent to Imported one, Steel elevators & conveyor chains ( as per your drawings, samples as per catalogue specification )
 HOBCUT SPROCKET WHEELS In Mild Steel, Cast Iron & Cast Steel EN 8, In Alloy Steel EN 9, EN 34 Stainless Steel, in Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex.
 GEAR Super Gear, arrangement up to 16 Ft. O.D. & 30 Module (3/4 D.P.) Helical, worm wheel, Bevel, & Pinion etc.
 PULLEYS All types of C.I. & Aluminum Vee-Grooves Pulleys upto 2400 M.M.O.D. Capacity in A. B. C. D. & E Sections. Flat Type. Split Type & Step Pulleys etc.
 COUPLINGS Flexible (Pin & Bush Type) Rigid. Muff, Gear Type & Chain Type Gear, Fluid, Love Joy, Universal Type Couplings
 C. I. MOTOR RAILS 250 m.m. to 1200 m.m. long as per IS-2968 as per your requirements, drawings & specification (MASTA Make)

Our name for above items is well known to Oil Mills, Sugar Mills, Rolling Mill, Cement Plants, Sugar Cane Crushers, Chemicals Plants Paper Mills, Plastic etc. We also have special facilities for you get parts required for your machinery to be manufactured according to your drawing and specification.